Server Maintenance Ongoing

The server is currently undergoing some maintenance to install various updates. It is expected to be back online somewhere later today.

Website Updated

The website has been updated and received a major overhaul. The backend is now powered by WordPress. All announcements will now be posted on the website, and linked from other sources such as the Discord. The website can be used to find all relevant server information as well. Stay tuned to the website, we may […]

Introducing: The Lobby

Today we’re introducing a new feature to the server: the lobby. The lobby is a place where you can use various portals to easily switch between different servers. To join the lobby from anywhere on the network you can use the \server lobby command. The server lobby has been enabled for all players, old and […]

Unexpected Downtime

This morning we experienced some unexpected downtime due to a server crash. The issue has since been resolved but please let us know if you experience any further issues.

Server Update

The server has just been updated to 1.16.4.

Bedrock Connection Issues

I increased the connection timeout for bedrock players, hopefully this will fix some of the connection issues that you might experience. If there’s any further issues please let us know.

TNT Duplication

TNT dupers seem to have been patched by PaperMC (the server software we use) but I’ve disabled the patch, so those should be working again.