1.17 Content Now Available

The server software has been updated to Minecraft 1.17, and with that the new content is now available across the network! Since some of the new features relate to world generation, you might need to explore and find new chunks to access the new features. As always, with a major version change plugins may break […]

Minecraft 1.17

Minecraft 1.17 has been released, and with it a new update for the server software is sure to follow. However, unfortunately PaperMC, the server software we use, has not yet been updated for 1.17, meaning you should still connect using a 1.16.5 client. Players connecting with a 1.17 client might receive ReadTimeoutException messages upon logging […]

Technical Issues Resolved

The server should be back online now! Technical Details I’ve managed to fix the RAID array and disabled a bunch of unnecessary services running on the server to speed up the remainder of the rebuild. However, access to the game servers should now again be possible. The rebuild will continue running in the background over […]

Technical Issues

The server is experiencing some issues and thus we’re experiencing some unscheduled downtime. I’m currently working on a fix, I will keep you updated on the progress. Technical Details The technical details are that the server is in the progress of reshaping the RAID array containing the server data, which is currently going slowly due […]

Nether Only World Now Available

You can now access the all-new nether only world from the lobby! This new world provides a uniquely challenging experience. With no access to the overworld and end dimensions, you will have to scavenge and adapt to survive. Don’t wait to try it out! Use /server NetherOnly to join the server from anywhere in the […]

In-Game Main Menu Now Available

You can now use the /mainmenu command in-game to access a menu that provides toggles and buttons for all the features we offer in a structured way. For example, the menu offers a server switcher to switch between the different servers. Future plugins features and server features will be included in this menu as well.

Vote for the Server and Receive Rewards

You can now vote for the server on various server list and receive rewards! Currently, each vote for the server on any server list will give you 1 XP level on the anarchy server. See the server lists and be sure to provide your username to receive the rewards: https://mineqraft.qub1.com/server-lists/

Public Wiki Now Available

We now have a public Wiki, available at https://wiki.mineqraft.qub1.com/ ! The Wiki is available for any content related to the server community, and will be used to list information about the server and any relevant usage instructions. However, you are free to create new pages about any topics you want, as long as they are […]

Maps Now Available

We now provide maps for servers that provide griefing protection to players and their builds. For now, this list only includes the queue and lobby servers, but might include factions servers as well if we offer those in the future. The anarchy server will not provide a public map to prevent griefing. You can find […]

Server Maintenance Complete

The server maintenance has been completed and service has been restored. You should now be able to log in again.